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The Physicians most preferred ear piercing instrument!

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Our Story

In 1962 the Hastings Corp introduced the Coren ear piercing system to the American medical Profession.  The original Coren earpiercer was of the "gun" type and looked something like a paper punch.  Non steral ear studs and clasps were supplied for loading into a re-usable "gun" after both were autoclaved in the doctors office.  Many of the instruments are still in use today, even though sereralizing after each use is time consuming and costly.

Thousands of the original Coren instruments were sold to physicians between 1962-1974.  During this time numerous imitations came to the market, sold mainly to shopping mall ear piercing establishments were there are no facilities for proper sterilization.  Hastings Corperation decided to concentrate their efforts on making the very best product for medical ear-piercing.  In 1974 CorenPs was born, the ONLY complete, self contained, totaly steral, disposable ear-piercing instamunt.  While consistantly upgrading to the latest state of the art manufacturing materials and techniques, the basic proven product has remained the same since inception.